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Package Latest Version Doc Dev License linux-64win-64noarch Summary
bson 1.0.0 GPL-3 X Port of bson for ML64
mips-assembler 1.0.0 GPL-3 X Port of mips-assembler for ML64
ml64-dolphinmodule 2.0.0 GPL-3 X Dolphin binding for ML64
modloader64-client 3.0.1 GPL-3 XX Client files for ModLoader64
modloader64-dedi 3.0.1 GPL-3 X Dedicated server for ModLoader64
modloader64-gui 4.0.1 GPL-3 XX GUI for ModLoader64
modloader64-gui-updater 3.0.0 GPL-3 XX GUI updater for ModLoader64
modloader64-sdk 3.0.1 GPL-3 XX SDK for ModLoader64
modloader64-sdk-asarplugin 3.0.0 GPL-3 XX Asar dist plugin for ML64 SDK
modloader64-sdk-condaplugin 3.0.0 GPL-3 XX Conda package plugin for ML64 SDK
ootr_symbols 7.0.0 GPL-3 X OotR asm symbol maps
version_number_extractor 3.0.0 GPL-3 XX Extract version information from package.json
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